Date of EstablishmentDate of Establishment
October 28, 1996
Company Registration No.Company Registration No.
No. of staffsNo. of staffs
< 50 (family business)
Board (direction setting)Board (direction setting)
Mr Egbertus GroothuisMs Patvaranya BoonyawongsaritMs Sarocha ChaosiriMs Nattavadee Chaosiri
Mr Dino ch, Sirinatt
Main BusinessMain Business
- High End Cutting Fluids & Cutting Oils. Import from Blaser Swisslube AG Switzerland- High End PVD hard coating machine Import from PLATIT AG Switzerland- High End Machinery Lubricants of Best Lube Co., Ltd.Design for the future
Supply toSupply to
Domestic and ASEAN
Supply to market segmentsSupply to market segments
HDD, Automotive, Machinery, Tooling, Watch, Aircraft, Mold & Die, Medical, Electronic, etc.
3 International standard warehouses


5 Years Plan 2021 - 2025
  • Maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction with our product line.
  • Focus on human resources development and perform duty in accordance with international standard.
  • Support a Green Manufacturing Process, reduced energy consumption, recycle/reuse and high yields for our customers.

Industrial Partnership (IP)

Cooperation with institutes

Thai Cutting Tools Manufacturers

Thai-German Institute

Faculty of engineering,
Chiang Mai University

King Mongkut's University of
Technology North Bangkok


ISO 14001 Certificate from BSI Group

ISO 14001 Certificate from BSI Group

Certificate from Nissin Brake (Thailand) Co., Ltd.