Since 1994 when my cofounder (Ms Patvaranya B.) and I have decided to improve the range of machining coolants available in Thailand. We were at that time working at a company manufacturing CNC machines, so we knew first hand the difficulty in finding good cutting fluid solutions for the various difficult machining processes.

So we decided to quit our jobs and became the founders of Best Lube Co., Ltd. Since then, we always place importance on new challenges and learning new things.

Dino ch, Sirinatt
Advisor & CEO


First time of Blaser Swisslube to exhibit booth in Thailand at Worldtech Exhibition at Suranaree University of Technology in Nakhon Ratchasima.


First transport pickup truck.


Learning the different culture between Western and Asia opened after dinner with Blaser Swisslube family in winter in Bangkok. (From right to left: Mr Peter Blaser, Mr Dino ch, Sirinatt, Mrs Regina Blaser, Ms Patvaranya B. and Mr Hans Niederhaeuser)


Opened branch in Chiang Mai for deliver and provide best service and turnkey system to customers in Northern of Thailand.

May 6,2004

Executives of Best Lube Co., Ltd. have been invited from Mr Peter Blaser to visit Blaser Swisslube AG Switzerland to celebrate Blue Drum sales volume 3,000 Drums in Thai market. (From right to left: Mr Suthep Jo., Mr Dino ch, Sirinatt, Mr Hans Niederhaeuser, Ms Patvaranya B. and Ms Peachy ch, Nattavadee)

May 8,2004

Proud to share idea with the founder "Mr Willy Blaser" of Blaser Swisslube AG in Interlaken, Switzerland.