We are proud of our business and products help to reduce industrial waste and friendly to human, machine and environment.
Coolant is the main product which important to production sector.
If it was neglected, it will be industrial waste and high cost to disposal.
Main materials of our product have been passed fine selection.
Blending from Switzerland and take time 67 days of transportation to our International standard warehouse in Bangkok .
“Mr Sirinatt Chuaphichatboot”
  Please be assured that we will provide you the best solution and service always.  

In the future, Hard Coating (PVD) will be the technology that all Tools Grinding                                               and Mold Makers should have in-house.
We are ready to provide Turnkey Solution and optimal for our customers in                                                     Thai & ASEAN market.
All the best,      
  Dino ch, Sirinatt      
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