PLATIT PVD Hard Coating Machine

PLATIT develops and produces coating equipment based on plasma generating PVD technology

(Physical Vapour Deposition).

PLATIT offers complete turn-key PVD coating systems including all necessary peripheral equipment and technologies for surface pretreatment.


Our coating units work on the base of the


  • Conventional Cathodic ARC principle (PL70, PL1001, π1511)
  • Revolutionary LARC® (LAteral Rotating Cathodes) and CERC® (Central Rotating Cathodes) technologies principle (π80, π111, π211, π311, π411, π1511). These technologies are patented and unique all over the world.


Dedicated Coating

The PL70, π80,  π111, π300, π311, and π411 units make specially-tailored coatings possible and economical, even for small and medium sized batches.


Large Volume Coating

Standard Coating for All Pieces In industrial mass coating, different types of substrates are often coated together. While high volumes may raise profitability, coating performance often suffers. Also, process times are typically much longer than with smaller quantities. The π300, PL1001 and Pl2001 units make traditional high-volume coating flexible. They offer high-quality coatings and short cycle times. Different substrate types and sizes can be mixed without sacrificing coating quality.

Coating Advantages and Usage

Platit coatings offer the highest standard of modern coating technology for tool steels (cold/hot work steel, high speed steels, HSS, HSCO, M42, ...) and tungsten carbides (WC).

All work pieces can be coated with a programmable coating thickness between 1 and 10μm. All batches are coated with absolute uniformity, ensuring the repeatability of the coating's quality.



The PLATIT hard coatings reduce the abrasive, adhesive and crater wear on the tools for conventional wet, dry and high speed machining. Modern coating technology reduces ARC droplets and the friction between chip and tool.

PLATIT technology ensures an increase in tool life through the reduction of friction on punches, molds and dies.



For forming applications, such as extrusion, molding, deep-drawing, coining, PLATIT hard coatings reduce friction, wear, build-up edges and atriation. Repolishing of functional surfaces is not necessary in most cases.

PLATIT hard coatings solve tribological problems with machine components that can be coated at temperatures of 200-500°C. Due to the hardness (up to 36 GPa), abrasive wear is reduced. This leads to higher reliability for dry operations and environmentally damaging lubricants can be replaced.

Injection Molding

The PLATIT hard coatings increase prodductivity for plastic forming and forming machine components witth better release and lower wear. Low roughness and excellent surface texture improve part release and influence injection forces in the mold to allow shorter cycle times. For parts with a minor finish, repolishing after coating is recomended. Due to physsical limitations, deep holes and slots are seldom coatable.

Platit Coating Equipment


General Information :

  • High volume coating unit
  • Based on PLATIT rotating (LARC®) and planar ARC-technology
  • Coating of Triple and QuadCoatings for big parts
  • Coatable volume: Ø700x700 mm


General Information :

  • Compact hardcoating unit
  • Based on PLATIT LARC® technology (LAteral Rotating Cathodes)
  • The Start-Up coating unit for small and medium size companies


General Information :

  • High volume compact unit
  • The "workhorse" for coating centers
  • 4 planar cathodes
  • Coatable volume: ø700x700 mm


General Information :

  • Compact hard coating unit
  • Based on PLATIT LARC® , CERC® and SCiL®technologies (LAteral Rotating Cathodes, CEntral Rotating Cathodes and Sputtered Coatings induced by LARC-GD®)
  • LACS : Hybrid coating technology: Lateral Arcing and Central Sputtering

Turnkey Coating Systems

Peripherals adjusted to the coating technology


High substrate quality, a precisely adjusted pretreatment of the substrate surface, the precisely adapted coating as well as a possible pretreatment are key factors for the success of the tool or part when in use.


PLATIT offers complete turn-key coating systems including all necessary peripheral equipments and technologies for: Surface pretreatment by polishing, brushing and/or microblasting; single-chamber vacuum cleaning with "start-and-forget" operation; stripping of coatings from HSS and carbides; handling for loading and unloading of substrate and cathodes and a quality control system according to ISO 9001.

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